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Superior Cleaning Agents For A Cleaner Home

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Superior Cleaning Agents For A Cleaner Home


 A house is not a home until it is looked after and cleaned properly. Zeal Chemicals is one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers and deal in all kinds of home maintaining products particularly Cleaning Products and their raw materials. Our range of products includes Chemicals,like

Acid Thickener, Pine Oil, Additives, Non Ionic, Sles, Silicon defoamers ,silicon softner, fabric softner ,Silicon emulsion , Water proffing solution, Fabric glue

We also manufacture a range of all kinds of Cleaning products like 

Liquid Dish WashLiquid Glass Cleaner concentrate , Liquid Hand Wash, Black Floor Cleaner ConcentrateWhite floor cleaner Concentrates,Transparent floor cleaner ,Disinfectant floor cleaner , Liquid Detergents, Stain Removers, Fabric conditioners ,Car Wash shampoo ,Siicon polish ,Car tyre polish, Rubbing compound , Toilet Cleaner Concentrate. 

We aim at providing quality living experience with our products that are a part of everyday life. We make living healthy and easy.

We also offer ALL NIGHT SPRAY  i.e a Bio degradable product  to kill mosquitos in your house as well as in your offices or in your working place


We aim to provide the best products and services to our clients. Our products guarantee purity and standard quality. We believe in sincere and long term relationships with our clients. We are flexible and a client may feel free to approach us whenever required. Every customer is our priority. We prefer in maintaining sincerity and long term relationships with our clients.