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As we know that you are manufacturer of all types of cleaning chemicals. We offer you the opportunity to make your product more effective, fast, reliable and strong by enriching it with the power of 10X. The companies all over India are trying newer techniques and ways to make their products innovative to leave their mark in this ever growing competitive market. To compete with other Cleaners in the market, We are offering you our product named as “ADDITIVE” which adds to your Toilet Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Black floor cleaner and White floor cleanerv the power of 10X. It means that your product would be 10 times more effective, fast, reliable (long life) and stronger and have 10 times more cleaning power. This means “additive” improvises the quality of your product and the customer will be able to enjoy the enhanced cleaning experience and the quality of the product.



  •  Use little of additive in many kilos of toilet cleaner to make toilet bowl shiner and enhance cleaning experience.
  •  Use little of additive in many kilos of concentrated glass cleaners, concentrated white and black floor cleaner.
  •  10 times more cleaning power
  •  10 times more effective
  •  10 times more fast                                       
  •  10 times stronger
  •  10 times more reliable
  • Does not increase the production cost as use is in little  


  • MOQ: 1 KG


  • Packaging: Additive is also available in  25 ,50kg  tight head unlined container
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