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Acid Thickener:

Acid thickener is a  detergent & cleaning  agent used in toilet cleaning material application

Acid thickener is a cationic surfactant that was originally designed to thicken hydrochloric acid, which it does very effectively on its own.  Acid thickener is a multifunctional material that provides thickening, wetting, corrosion inhibition, and perfume solubilization.


  • Best Quality
  • Provide more thickness or viscosity
  • Viscosity at low dosage
  • Liquid form throughout the year, i.e. can be used in winter also
  • Required less colour 
  • single use compound
  • The product we offer is eco friendly,
  •  Toilet cleaner can easily made,
  • No fear for loss of viscosity,
  •  No fear for separation
  • Easily soluble ​ in water,
  • Packaging is strong ​ and durable can be transported ​ to Any where.
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