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Liquid Dish Wash:

We are a trusted Liquid Dish Wash Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. We offer great quality Liquid Dish Wash that is an ideal product to clean the utensils that makes your utensils free from germs. Our Liquid Dish Wash cleans in a minute and gives utensils a nice fragrance. Liquid Dish Wash completely absorbs grease from the oily utensils and makes them clean like a new utensil.

Our range of unique Dish Wash Liquid formula is very economical, even one drop is enough to clean oily pan.

  • Remove the toughest grease.

  • Balanced concentrated formula
  • Contains highly effective ingredients
  • Rapidly remove oil without any residue.
  • More Oil-removal active components are added to clean plates faster and more efficiently.
  • Rich in foam and easy to rinse.

  • strong esecence of lemon
  • It does not harm hand
  • It can easily clean even the most difficult dish, pot, pan.



Packaging: Liquid Dishwash is available in 50, 100, 200kg  tight head unlined container


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