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Liquid Hand Wash:

We manufacture premium Liquid Hand Wash that cleans the hands giving it a soft feeling. Our Liquid Hand Wash is anti bacterial, hygienic and completely safe for children. Liquid Hand Wash is manufactured by us using best quality raw materials that are skin friendly and safe. Liquid Hand Wash is offered by us in proper packaging and affordable prices.


  • Provides Hygienic & Clean Wash
  • Offers Germ Protection
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Specially include antibacterial composition, rich foam, and easy to wash.
  • Different fragrances  available,
  • Strong effect of cleaning 
  • Gives your hand soft feeling
  • Friendly for both children and adult.


  • MOQ: 50 KGS


  • Packaging: Liquid Hand Wash is available in 50,100,200 kg  tight head unlined container