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Non Ionic 9.5:

 We are offering our customers a range of Nonylphenol Ethoxylate 9.5 Mole. It is a very good emulsifier and also surfactant.

This chemical is used as surfactant in different laundry products, personal care products and cleaners. Furthermore, our range can also be used in perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products in very small amount.

  • It’s transparent liquid or white cream or plate.
  •  Soluble in water and many kinds of organic solvents.
  •  It has good emulsification, moisturizing, dispersion, detergency and solubilization capacity and high hard water and alkali resistance capacity. It can be widely used in cleansing, pesticide, papermaking, petroleum, leather process industries.
  •  This product is flame resisting, nontoxic, can be delivered according to common chemicals
  • As per specific customer needs(available in bulk & small volume),the product can be made available with customized packing
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