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Pine oil


PINE OIL is obtained by fractional distillation process. It is mixture of terpene hydrocarbons and terpene alcohols. It is colorless to pale yellow liquid with piny pleasant odour. PINE OIL is of different percentage i.e. 22%,28%,32%,40%,50%, 70% and higher up to 95%.


  • It is naturally deodourizing and antibacterial.
  • It is used as a scent in bath oils.
  • It is used as lubricant in small and expensive clockwise instruments.
  • Pine oil disinfectants are relatively inexpensive and widely available.
  • It has low human toxity level,a low corrosion and limited persistence.
  • In general purpose household cleaners as an excellent melting, penetrating, dispersing and suspending agent.
  • In coating operations as a defoaming, wetting and dispersing agent.
  • It is also used in many field of medicine.
  • In perfumery industry.
  • In soap and detergent due to its piny
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